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Kelechi’s Artistry

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Behind every small black business is a blooming dream, and Kelechi is no exception. Her stunning MUA skills combined with her perfected, neat hairstyling techniques have grasped the attention of the UNCC community. She’s known for her knotless braids, however, Kelechi has a wide variety of hairstyles, including an array of stylings locs, twists, crochet, and box braids. But who exactly is the woman behind the dream?

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Born and raised in Durham, NC, Kelechi is one of five siblings, which includes three sisters and one brother, and her parents are from Nigeria. After graduating from Jordan High School, she came to UNCC to pursue a degree in public health and health systems management, with a minor in child and family development. 

According to Kelechi, she has been professionally braiding hair for about 7 years. It all started when her mother gave her and her sisters braiding hair, and they began braiding with her mothers’ aid. Kelechi said her sisters struggled with learning but she picked it up, and a practice began where she would start the braid and her sisters would finish it. From there, her mother gave Kelechi her first client, and it blossomed into the business it is now.

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As briefly mentioned before, Kelechi has a range of styles she can do, her most popular are the knotless braids. Just a brief look on her business Instagram shows countless clients satisfied and smiling in content at her work. Other styles she specializes in include faux locs, marley twists, crochet, and passion twists. Each hairstyle has a portfolio of photos and short videos on her professional Instagram, with a guide provided on how to book an appointment and how to prepare for said booking. 


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Kelechi’s quality hairstyling is nothing short of exceptional and is regularly recommended by girls around campus for a local, excellent quality hairstyle. Her well-known floral background is one of the small, but stunning things that keep people interesting and coming back, along with a bubbly, sweet personality and friendly customer service. With this, Kelechi’s artistry is an absolute must-look when considering hair appointments.


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